Gray Nicolls 2019 – A year where classics meet contemporary

This time of year is always an exciting time in the world of cricket, as most of you know it is the beginning of a brand new year of cricket gear. With cricket enthusiasts eager to find out what is new in the market and what the new range has to offer. This coming year is sure to be an exciting one, with the ICC cricket world cup around the corner, everyone will be hoping for an exciting summer of cricket. So we share with you what you can expect form Gray Nicolls this year. A staple brand of cricket, with years of experience and innovation, it appears Gray Nicolls is set to impress again. 

The first new range this year is the Supernova! Now some of you may be thinking, it’s a name you have heard before, and you would be correct as the Supernova is in fact a range that was used by Gray Nicolls in 2016. Except with one major difference, it is no longer blue! The Supernova range is getting fierce this year, with its striking red-hot graphics, you will be sure to stand out. But this bat is not only about offering explosive power, whilst there will be no shortages of boundaries with its large striking zone, the long sweeping spine means it offers players precision too. 

The second range for this year is the Powerbow 6X! Again another Gray Nicolls favourite, except this year it has gone for a subtle colour scheme. The black and silver certainly gives an effortlessly stylish yet sophisticated look. The bat shape also compliments the graphics, being a full profiled bat making it an ideal choice for classic stroke makers. Allowing those of you who time the shots perfectly, to cement your place in the modern game with a bat that makes use of its full profile in clearing the field. 

The final range for 2019 is the Shockwave. Just as the name suggests this bat is all about boasting power and force, sending waves throughout not only your bat, but also the ground! The graphics perfectly highlight the sweet spot of the bat, with its high middle this bat is designed for the innovative shots! Finished off with powerful edges to ensure that little effort is needed to reach its maximum.  

This years’ range is all about power and brute force, however that is not all Gray Nicolls have to offer. As always, Gray Nicolls have been respectful to tradition, offering a range in keeping with the true nature of the sport, shown through their successful reinvention of the popular Scoop bat of the 70’s. This year they have continued to bring back another classic in the Powerspot. Used by greats such as David Gower and Michael Atherton, the Powerspot was a favourite back in 80’s and 90’s.  

Along with this, the usual favourites such as the Pro performance, Players and Select are still available and as ever provide you with effortless style and confidence at the crease. These timeless pieces will ignite your passion for the game, of cricket and you will doubtlessly feel the performance offered by these carefully selected pieces of willow, each sculpted to offer perfectly timed shots and compliment the player seamlessly. 

With another year of spectacularly designed bats, Gray Nicolls brings together classic and contemporary designs to keep the game of cricket evolving.