As used by many professional coaches, SIDEARM® is the biggest development in batting practice and coaching in a generation.

SIDEARM® offers high quality batting practice with pace, bounce, swing and seam all easily generated from the full-length pitch. With a SIDEARM® one person can throw to another for hours on end, replicating all the rhythm and trajectories of a real pro bowler!

SIDEARM® can accurately throw massive skiers to pick out an individual player from at least 70 yards away.

As well as big outfield skiers, air and ground fielding in the ring can also be vastly improved by use of the SIDEARM®.

Flat 30 years catches from the SIDEARM® can be thrown quickly and accurately, as can replicated ground strokes with more than enough pace to test 'boundary riders.

Whatever standard and format of cricket you play, NEW Generation SIDEARM® can help you boost your batting average!


Safety Instructions:

The speed of delivery generated by the SIDEARM® could be dangerous if used inappropriately. Please follow the safety guidelines below.

  • Always wear a batting helmet when facing the SIDEARM®.
  • Always throw from the full length of a cricket pitch.
  • Always throw practice deliveries at the start of a session, with no batter, to gauge the direction and pace generated by the SIDEARM®.
  • Players under 15 years of age should be under adult supervision when using the SIDEARM®.

Directions for use:

  • Store your SIDEARM® above 5°C.
  • Place a ball in the cup of the SIDEARM®, aligning the seam to follow the line of the groove and slit.
  • Place the ball in the SIDEARM® by hand, not by forcing the ball into the cup directly from the ground.
  • Throw the ball using a normal throwing action, keeping the SIDEARM® perpendicular to the ground.
  • The release point of the ball should be governed by bringing the wrist through in a throwing action; not by stopping the SIDEARM® mid-action to 'flick' the ball out.