If you expect your bat never to crack, split or dent another retailer is waiting for your order.

As a natural product each bat will be individual & there is no set time period a bat will last. During their life span all bats will crack as a result of the fundamentals of the game & the natural characteristics of willow. This fair wear & tear will begin to accumulate from the very first use given that even balls hit in the middle of the bat will

Bats are expensive however, bats are still made of willow regardless of price & mores expensive does not mean the bat will last longer or be less prone to cracking, denting or other forms of fair wear & tear.

cause structural changes which build up over time.

Fundamental causes of Damage

  • Imprecise play
  • Unprepared bat
  • Unprotected bat
  • Poor quality balls
  • Moisture ingress to toe or blade
  • Mis-hits to edge or toe
  • Overuse of bowling machine balls

Handles are considered a consumable part of the bat & can be replaced. A faulty or damaged handle does not constitute a faulty bat.

Cricket Bat Warranty:

Wesupport all genuine warranties & will extend to our customers the goodwill agreement offered bymanufacturers to repair or replace. When assessing warranty claims, we deploy over 25 years’ experience as a specialist retailer however, manufacturers have the knowledge & expertise in any matter that relates to their products& have the final say on any warranty claims regarding their products. Bats older than 12 months will be entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Natural face Vs Anti-Scuff:

We highly recommend the use of an anti-scuff sheet to further protect the face from impact & maintain moisture content of the face.


All bats require preparation before use to get the most out of your investment. Only bats which have received adequate preparation will be eligible for warranty claims.Our Ready2play service costs £19.95 includes oiling, anti-scuff & edge protection & 1st hour of knocking in.

  • Oiling: conditions fibres& helps maintain moisture content in the blade.
  • Knocking-In: Compact the top layers of fibres to help reduce cracking or indentations but can never totally prevent them.


Dent in toe
Dent in toe
Dent in toe
Crack in toe
Dent or crack on edge
Dent or crack on edge
Handle Replacement
Handle Replacement
Cracks or dent in face
Cracks or dent in face
Crack in shoulder
Crack in shoulder
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