Batting Pads

Our cricket batting leg-guards are absolutely essential for a batsman’s safety and protection. We have an extensive array of cricket pads available, showcasing brands that the pros use. Cricketers that shop at Cricket Direct play at a variety of different levels – from the village green to the professional circuit – so we ensure we serve the best choice of batting pads online. Shop men's, junior and women's cricket batting pads for sale today – and get the confidence you need to take on any bowler.

Gray-Nicolls Batting Pads

No-one can deny that Gray-Nicolls are a cricketing brand of great distinction and tradition, and their collection of cricket pads are up there with the very best.

Gunn & Moore Batting Pads

Renowned for continuously improving technology with the ever changing game, GM batting pads have been designed using XRD protection.

Kookaburra Batting Pads

Say hello to Kookaburra’s splendid range of cricket batting pads where the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary materials provides the ideal balance between playability and protection.

New Balance Batting Pads

Gray-Nicolls have become a leading force in the development of contemporary cricket shoes. Cricket, with its vast range of explosive movements.

Adidas Batting Pads


Aero Batting Pads

This is not your traditional batting legguard. An AERO leg protector absorbs the shock of the cricket ball and disperses the impact through multiple layers of PE120 and PE30 density foams.

Hunts County Batting Pads

Hunts County batting pads are available in a wide variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find a batting legguard that suits your frame.

Salix Batting Pads

The quality of Salix batting pads is visible at first glance with their traditional aesthetics sprinkled with contemporary finishing touches.

MRF Batting Pads


Newbery Batting Pads

Traditional – some would say retro – style batting pads from the excellent Newbery collection are certain to provide batsmen with comfort, flexibility and exceptional protection.

Pro Zone Elite Batting Pads

Elite batting pads and cricket leg guards by brands the pros depend on. ‘Leg-endary’ protection, comfort and freedom.

Coloured Batting Pads


Junior Batting Pads

Keep yourself protected and feeling confident at the crease with our great selection of Junior cricket pads.

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