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Dear school representatives, patrons, PE teachers and sports coaches,
Cricket is a wonderful game to introduce to your school. It develops hand-eye co-ordination and other skills that are transferrable to many other sports. It has a team ethic to help nurture leadership and promote group cohesion. It also has a code of honour and a spirit that rides above many other sports. Cricket is ingrained in British culture and is a national game in many other countries and cultures.

When it comes to buying cricket equipment for your school, there are three major factors to consider:

1. How can we ensure the young cricketers are safe and protected from the rigours of this wonderful game?
2. How can we help them to develop their skills, enjoy success and participate effectively?
3. How can we ensure that the school’s cricket equipment will be durable, within budget and stored appropriately?

Many state schools still do not have wickets and cricket nets installed in the school grounds but that must not prevent pupils from participating in the game. Whilst proper cricket wickets, whether grass or artificial, are a worthwhile investment, it is not a prerequisite.

Junior cricket sets, such as the England and Wales Cricket Board-approved Quik Cricket set, are a great introduction to the game, and can be used on the school playground or sports field. They are made of strong plastic, rather than wood, which means they are safe, beginner-friendly and durable. You’ll find a large selection of junior cricket sets on this website, as well as soft cricket balls. These items are perfect for primary school use.

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Secondary schools are more likely to have facilities adequate for hard ball cricket. Due to government grants, many schools now have cricket net facilities or artificial cricket wickets, and as the pupils are that little bit older, it is safer for them to enter the hard ball game. Safety is, of course, still paramount, and more cricket protection will be required for the hard ball game.

Batting pads, batting gloves, personal protection and cricket helmets are a necessity. You need school cricket gear that will stand the test of time and will provide adequate reward at an affordable price. This is where our school cricket kits come in handy. School cricket kits, or club cricket kits, comprise of multiple cricket bats, cricket protection, cricket helmets and cricket balls. These typically come with three items of each of the core batting gear. This allows two batsmen in two different cricket net lanes to be protected, with one more player able to get padded up in the process whilst he or she awaits their turn. This also helps in a game game situation, with one batsman able to get padded up and ready to go in if a wicket falls.

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If you are a school that provides the foremost cricket facilities for your students, you may be interested in purchasing cricket ground equipment and cricket coaching equipment. Cricket Direct provides a wealth of high quality cricket equipment sourced from the finest brands, including: cricket bowling machine.

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We’re happy to discuss bulk buy deals, especially with regards to cricket teamwear, ground equipment and cricket balls. Buy cricket balls in bulk and ensure you have enough quality match cricket balls, training balls, junior cricket balls and indoor balls.

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