The new released DSC Cricket Bat has arrived! The DSC Spliit Bat influenced and endorsed by David Miller, and Alex Hales. Both these players are well known for their big hitting in the 20 over and 50 over game. Due to this they need a bat which will aid their performance on the world’s biggest stages. The DSC Spliit comes in 5 versions, the Spliit pro, Spliit 1.0, 3.0, 4.0 and the 6.0.

The DSC Spliit Bat is made from top-quality English willow, and hand crafted. Designed for powerful and dominating strokes; there is no surprise this bat is currently being used in the Indian Premier League by David Miller at the moment. The Bat also has an extended power zone for a monstrous hitting area. The handle is made from treble spring (9PC) for maximum shock absorption and strength. This adds comfort and robustness to the bat, putting confidence into the batsman. The bright Green and White Graphics are attractive and live up to the reputation that comes with this bat.

Pop over to the DSC Bats and take a look for yourself on this big-hitting bat!