Unleash the beast for 2017!!

This year looks set to be an exciting one in the world of cricket, with the Champions Trophy making an appearance again, we get to see the world’s finest and ravaging of cricketers take to the stage as they go head to head over 18 matches where there will be no shortage of fierce battles.

England is also due a visit from the South African side who are currently eyeing up an opportunity for a series whitewash against the Sri Lanka, there is no doubt they will be eager to continue the good form against a deflated England side who themselves will be out for blood as they make use of home advantage to redeem themselves.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the menacing West Indians are also due to take England on this summer in a 3 match test series and with 7 matches to be played across the shorter formats.

With so much cricket to be played over the summer, it looks poised to be one of intense encounters, just like most of you who will be taking to the field again for another season of club cricket, but don’t just leave the bloodshed to the pros!

 This year it is all about unleashing your inner beast as Gray Nicolls has collaborated once again with Cricket Direct to produce one of the finest beasts around, The Cerberus Cricket Bat.

Known to be the guard of the gates to the underworld, let The Cerberus guard your wicket as you take your stance and let 2017 be the year that you destroy any bowler.

Handcrafted by Gray Nicolls who are renowned to incorporate innovation with tradition to produce some of the most outstanding pieces of willow, The Cerberus Cricket Bat has been designed to have a tremendous profile and large edges to give you that power.

With sculpted mid blade, this is designed to increase the hitting zone, making certain that any shot you play goes the full distance. The sculpting used also gives the additional balance in your bat ensuring that it produces a pick up liken to bats desired by the pros!

The handle has also been designed to be a Semi Oval accompanied with a New Zone Pro Grip to allow you to have perfect control, comfort and feel through every shot you play.

Ranging in weight from 2.8 to 2.12, there is no doubt that this powerful beast has meat!

Put fear in the eyes of the opposition as you let The Cerberus take guard!!