Gray-Nicolls Cricket Footwear 2021

The Gray-Nicolls Cricket footwear range aims to cover the widest range of user from the cricketer learning their trade to professionals looking for the 1% gains on the field of play. The range is built around offering comfort and stability for every player or budget. Featuring the Cage 2.0 Cricket spike, the most advanced cricket shoe in the Gray Nicolls range. Batting specialist shoes designed to keep you light on your feet and not stuck in the crease. A range of indoor shoes so that cricket season never has to end. Delve into the full range of Gray-Nicolls’ cricket footwear, available in senior and junior sizes

Velocity 3.0 Spike

Get the feeling of comfort and support every club cricketer deserves at an affordable price with the Velocity 3.0 Spike shoe. A high-quality cricket shoe that offers durability, comfort & flexibility. Featuring an ultralightweight coated textile upper to facilitate a full range of movement at the crease while the powerband offers support and stability to the arch and mid-foot. Finished with a 5/4 spike configuration including a single spike at the toe, these shoes are a superb balance of performance and affordability. Available in Senior and Junior sizes.

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Velocity 3.0 Rubber Shoes

When Cricket moves indoors or on to artificial surfaces the Velocity 3.0 Rubber cricket shoe makes sure you have the same quality you would expect from a spiked cricket shoe. Containing all the fantastic features from the batting and spike shoes, the rubber shoe ensures that you have all the support, comfort & mobility to be at your best! Available in senior and junior sizes.

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Velocity 3.0 Batting Shoes

Batters are always looking for the 1% gains to make the most of every moment at the crease. Staying light on your feet so you use the crease means you need a pair of batting shoes that help you achieve your best. Featuring the SpeedBase outsole, specifically designed for batting, is a TPU 75 tough plastic outsole offering extra grip without the added weight of spikes. The breathable upper featuring Fluid fit technology allows exceptional support, breathability & a second skin like fit. The impulse+ midsole compound gives exceptional shock absorption while giving an extra heel raise to keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Finished off with the Airflow X footbed keeping your feet cool & cushioned as long as you are on your foot.

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