Kookaburra Cricket Bats 2021

At the heart of every Kookaburra bat is the culmination of decades of bat making experience and a desire to produce high quality handcrafted Cricket Bats. Over the years Kookaburra have pushed the boundaries of bat making so you can stand out on the field of play. The 2021 range features the Kahuna, Ghost, Shadow, Concept20 & Pace. With such a wide choice of profiles you are guaranteed to find one suiting your playing style. Treat yourself to quality you truly deserve.

Kookaburra Kahuna

The Kahuna is the go-to bat for the all-round dynamic stroke player! The mid to low blade swell and minimal concaving delivers great balance pickup and power, while meeting the desire for big edges. Developed with Ricky Ponting back in 2001 the Kahuna profile has served other great all-round players such as Ab De Villiers and now Jos Butler still standing up to the test of time, continuing to serve the modern batter’s needs!

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Kookaburra Ghost

The Ghost is the bat of choice for any player looking for the perfect combination between tradition and striking looks! A low to mid blade swell and rounded face profile combines the skills of traditional bat making with the modern-day manufacturing techniques. A new edition to the Kookaburra ranges and choice of Marnus Labuschagne. Haunt the opposition attacks with the Kookaburra Ghost.

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Kookaburra Beast

The Beast is back! This iconic bat released in 2005 has been re-developed to meet the demands of the modern game! A mid to low blade swell with zero concaving gives a monstrous profile full of power to help tear bowling attacks asunder! Fitted with an oval counterbalanced handle it delivers exceptional balance for the attacking players and Favoured by the Big Show Glenn Maxwell. Finished with its own version of 3D embossed stunning graphics, and the never-before-seen handle graphics, the Beast is well and truly Unleashed!

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Kookaburra Pace

Expertly designed to be light and nimble the Pace offers a lightweight profile and feather light pickup ideal for those who caress the ball, relying on timing, touch & pure class! A mid to low blade swell and flat face combine to give impressive edges and prominent spine without the added weight ideal for control and timing.

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