New Balance Cricket Bats 2021

New Balance have made it their goal to help Cricketers like you achieve your highest potential. Having years of experience in research and development in sport, working with top athletes, the New balance Cricket bat range offers an effective range of profiles made from high quality English willow bats to meet the needs of the modern batter. Like a mid to high blade profile like Joe Root then dive into the TC range. Prefer a mid to low blade profile like Steve Smith charge into the DC range of if you like a mid-blade bat the set yourself a light with the Burn range. With load of choice in willow quality you are sure to find the profile you want at the price that suits you!

New Balance TC

Designed with England captain and modern-day great Joe Root, the TC is the pinnacle of the New Balance bat range. Featuring a mid to high blade profile ideal for back foot punches and powerful horizontal shots, the balance and pick up allows for a wide array of stroke play. Available in a variety of willow qualities you really can have the bat you want at the price you want!

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New Balance DC

The weapon of choice for England's explosive opener Jason Roy, the DC profile offers versatility, adaptability in every stroke! Featuring a mid to low blade profile ideal for flowing stroke play, crunching drives and for sailing balls over the boundary with ease. Available in a variety of willow qualities you really can have a top quality English willow bat to fit your budget.

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New Balance Burn

A true modern cricket bat fit for players how base their game on fast hands and a dynamic style. Featuring a shortened blade & slightly longer handle, the Burn offers batters a lighter bat while retaining bid edges. high spine and wood where you really need it! Never be beaten for pace again with the New Balance Burn.

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