Newbery Cricket Bats 2021

Newbery is a brand steeped in Cricketing history and tradition, producing world renowned cricket equipment from their base in Sussex! A company passed down from father to son, every Newbery bat is infused with their legacy and passion for the game. Our wide range of Newbery cricket bats offer a wide range of Pro quality cricket bats in a vast array of profiles for senior & junior cricket bats. If you are looking for either tradition or modern-day innovation delve into our extensive range of Newbery Bat to take your game to the next level!

Newbery Invictus

The Newbery Invictus features a classic full profile with modern day bat making techniques, create an extra wide sweetspot, to combine balance and power in a sleek and stylish package. The mid to low blade profile gives batters the option to rely on pure timing or pure power. The minimal concaving creates a rounded spine giving you wood just where you need most for sensational power and the bigger more modern bow improves balance and pickup. Available in SPS, Players, 5* and G4 be inconquerable with the Invictus!

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Newbery Axe

Tradition meets innovation with Newbery AXE! Featuring the Haft tech handle with a very oval shape to facilitate stronger and more comfortable top hand grip for ultimate control where you need it most to increase power in every shot, by reducing bat twisting at point of contact. A full blade profile with minimal concaving returns a vast sweetspot which supports powerful blows and a duckbill toe to reduce weight at the bottom of the bat and improve pickup! Available in SPS, Player & 5* cut down opposition attacks with the Newbery AXE.

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Newbery Infinity

The Infinity provides endless possibilities for the players who are looking for a low blade swell to combat low slow wickets or love free flowing drives off the front foot. Low middle, full profile and bowed blade combine to make a seriously powerful and balanced profile so you can clear the boundary at will. Available in SPS, Player and 5*. Start your endless domination of bowling attacks with the Infinity!

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Newbery Blitz

Become a T20 icon with the Newbery Blitz! Specifically tailored to the need of the T20 specialist the Blitz is the perfect bat to help you take bowling attacks to pieces. Featuring a shorter blade and slight in curves to give maximum power and superb pick up to optimise hand speed through the hitting zone. Available in SPS, Players & 5* and start bombing bowling attacks, out of the ground!

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Newbery Phantom

The Newbery Phantom bat range offers variety and value for money like no other! The Phantom range is based on a mid to low profile bat with minimal concaving gives a full profile bat with exceptional pickup! If you are a player who has their own style, then the Phantom range offers 5 unique choices so you can match you playing style with your personal style. Available only in LE become unbeatable in the mind of your opponent with the Newbery Phantom.

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Newbery Force

Specifically for the junior cricketer the Newbery Force is an incredibly light bat with an immense sweetspot. The lightweight design is ideal for the positive physical & technical development of young cricketers without compromising on performance. Available in SPS, Player & 5* ensure your young player can maximise their performance with a bat that can influence the result of every game.

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