Ton Cricket Bats 2021

TON have been importing bats to the UK since 1979 and produce exceptional quality English Willow Cricket bats. A name known for high quality goods and used by some of cricket’s greatest players across the generations and one of the largest collection of current international players including England’s Johnny Bairstow and Moeen Ali proudly using their bats. The TON contemporary range of bats offers our customers a wide range of quality and price options from the highest quality available in the Gladiator Pro Players bats to the exceptional value of The TON 9999. Browse through our exceptional range of TON cricket bats knowing that we are supplied directly from the factory allowing us to offer our customers exceptional value on all TON cricket bats.

Ton Gladiator Pro Players

The Gladiator Pro-Players bast are made using only pro-quality grade 1 English willow! You can expect a narrow clear, straight, and evenly spaced grains on every blade. Crafted into a low to mid blade profile with minimal concaving, this high-quality cricket bat is beautifully balanced using a duck bill toe, offering power and control to every batter. Finishing touches are applied using laser engraved branding giving the bat a very classical and classy look so that you are the envy of your teammates and admired by your opposition.

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Ton Reserve Edition

The TON Reserve Edition features only the finest Grade 1 English Willow usually reserved for top international players. Only clefts hand pick for unique qualities such as superior grain structure and weight are used before being expertly crafted into the well renowned TON profile. Low to Mid blade swell with extensive duck billing around the toe are give these bat sublime balance giving batters the ability to play all the shots in the book. Finished in the very stylish Blue, White & Red 3D embossed stickers this high-quality English willow cricket bat will get you noticed in any dressing room.

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Ton Special Edition

The Special Edition is part of Ton’s high-quality Grade 1 English willow cricket bat range geared towards offering customers higher quality English willow cricket bats at fair prices. You can expect a superior grain structure as you would with the Pro-players but with fewer grains and still pro-quality willow in an exceptionally well balanced low to mid profile. Branding applied using the highly exclusive and unique laser engraving, giving a classy look to match your classy playing style.

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Ton Maximus Pro

The TON Maximus Pro range offers a high-quality English willow cricket bat at an incredible price exclusively for the young player. Using Grade 1 English willow the maximus pro has been designed to offer a high-performance cricket bat for young players which is weighted and balanced to facilitate positive technical and physical development without compromising on power. Give your young cricketer a great start with the Maximus Pro.

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Ton Mega Drive

The Mega Drive English willow cricket bat offers a quality crafted cricket bat and an affordable price and endorsed by England’s Jonny Bairstow! Featuring the same low to mid bow profile with minimal concaving offering a great combination of balance and power as any TON bat available in superior Grade 5 English willow. Finished with the TON 3D embossed sticker these bats have been expertly crafted to deliver quality and performance at a fair price.

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Ton Pure Drive

The Pure Drive range, as endorsed by Jonny Bairstow, offers batters quality English willow cricket bats at an exceptional price. Expertly crafted using the same methods as the top range bats, the Pure Drive made with grade 4 English willow is a highly affordable cricket bat. Finished in TON’s traditional low to mid blade swell profile, with big edges and minimal concaving the Pure Drive offers quality & value to every batter. Finished with the TON 3D embossed sticker the sleek and stylish bat opens up possibilities for all players.

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